Benefits Breast Creams and Pills

Do Breast Creams and Pills Work?

The Benefits of Breast Creams and Pills

There are many women who would like to find a safe and easy way to make their breasts bigger, most everyone knows that breast surgery is an option but many are not willing to risk their health and the long-term m side effects. The question that a lot of women ask is do breast creams and pills work? If they do, what kind of results can be expected.

Below I will explain the benefits of breast creams and the benefits they offer.

Using breast creams and pills is not a novel concept, in fact, they have been used for several decades. I began using them over 5 years ago. I wanted bigger breasts and contemplated breast surgery,

The reason I decided against breast augmentation surgery was that I was concerned about the possible side effects. Breast surgery not only causes short-term problems especially after the surgery it can be painful to endure the recovery from surgery.

Even after you have the surgery some women experience allergic reactions, others may have problems breastfeeding and of course, there is always the possibility of the implants rupturing.

Using breast creams and pills to make your breasts bigger is a safe and practical way to achieve your goals and best of all there are many positive benefits.

Here are just a few of the benefits breast creams and pills offer:

  • Safe alternative to breast surgery
  • Make your breasts bigger and firmer
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Cheaper than surgery
  • Improve the appearance of your breasts
  • Reduce sagging breasts

How do breast creams and pills work?

A lot of you may feel some degree of skepticism about the effectiveness of what breast creams and pills are capable of. You are not alone, I also felt the same way, however, there is some science behind how breast creams work and why they are effective.

Breast creams and pills contain ingredients that naturally help increase healthy new fat tissue and strengthen the underlying ligaments within the breasts.

Some of the ingredients in many breast creams and pills include phytoestrogens “plant estrogens” these help increase estrogen levels and when used over several weeks help make your breasts bigger.

Some of the more popular herbs you will see in many breast creams include, Pueraria Mirifica, this is a tuberous root found in Thailand and has been called the elixir of youth. It is also used in many breast creams, when applied directly to the breasts it helps increase healthy fat cells within the breasts.

Another ingredient found in many breast creams is Volufiline, this is a patented ingredient that is extracted from the sarsaparilla root. This is found in products like Total Curve and Vollure. This ingredient has been proven to increase the size of a woman’s breasts by up to 2 cup sizes bigger in as little as 8 weeks.

Do breast creams and pills work?

Now that you know how breast creams and pills work, you are probably asking yourself what kind of results to expect.

Results from breast creams and pills will vary, women using these natural treatments can expect on average a two-cup increase in breast size. Some women have achieved more.

The one thing that may put some women off is that, unlike breast surgery where the results are almost immediate, most women will notice visible results within the first 2-3  weeks full results take about 12 weeks.

Should consider using a breast cream and pills?

This is a personal choice you have to make for yourself, I started using breast creams and pills because I wanted a safe and natural way to make my breasts bigger.

My reason was that I wanted to avoid surgery, first and foremost because I am not comfortable with having surgery that involves placing foreign objects in my body, plus I did not want to risk not being able to breastfeed my babies when I did decide to have children.


Breast creams and pills are a great way for women to make their breasts bigger, They are safe, effective and the experience can be fun and rewarding. What I suggest is that before buying any breast cream that you first read the ingredients carefully and if possible look at customer reviews to make sure that what you are considering buying will suit your body type and will give you good results.

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