Buttocks Enlargement Pills Do They Work

Benefits and Side Effects of Booty Enlargement Pills

When it comes to booty enlargement I myself had a hard time convincing myself to believe that booty pills could actually work. I have used breast enlargement products before and have had incredible results.

There are some differences between the breasts and the buttocks, mainly because breast creams can actually stimulate hormones and cause new fatty breast tissue to grow.

Woman With Big Booty

To be honest this is the very first time I have actually experimented around with booty enlargement pills.

Before I actually bought any kind of pills I did a lot of research, when you search for the term buttocks pills you get a lot of cheap Amazon products that show up, and since I am not a big fan of buying on Amazon I had to dig deeper until I found a product that had some positive and looked like it could work.

I finally settled on Glute Boost Pills

I am not specifically writing this article on Glute Boost pills, I will write a review later on, what I am interested in is the ingredients found in Booty pills and if they can actually make your butt bigger.

What I found is that many companies that sell booty enlargement pills contain similar ingredients, not all but many of them do, while some have a high concentration of the ingredients you need to make your butt bigger many do not.

Some of the most common ingredients in booty enlargement pills include:

Maca root (helps build muscle)

Maca Root is an herb that has been used by bodybuilders to help gain muscle, it is used by others as an aphrodisiac. This is all fine and dandy but how is this supposed to make your buttocks bigger?

Maca Root Powder

What I learned is that Maca root can help you gain weight, this does not mean it’s going to make you gain fat, that is if you follow a good diet and exercise plan.

I have read several reviews and what I found is that Maca root worked well for some women but not very good for others.

Dong Quai (estrogen booster)

Dong Quai is found in many booty products and helps regulate hormones. The way it works is by telling your body to use hormones more efficiently. In this case, it probably helps other herbs to be more effective.

Dong Quai

Saw Palmetto – Estrogen Booster

Saw palmetto is an anti-androgen that helps block excess testosterone which may be preventing you from getting a curvier figure.

Saw Plametto

Taking saw palmetto can help stimulate new fatty cells within the buttocks.

Saw palmetto alone will probably not make your butt big but when combined with other herbs I can see where it could be effective.

Fenugreek Seed

Is a popular ingredient that is found on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, it has been used in many beauty enhancement products due to its phytoestrogen properties (plant estrogens).

Fenugreek contains something called diosgenin which mimics the effect of estrogen.

Fenugreek Seed

Wild Yam Root

Wild Yam has always been one of my favorites, I know it works and it offers women several benefits. It is found in many hormones creams, breast enhancement products, and booty creams.

Wild Yam Root

When combined with other ingredients I can see where wild yam may help increase the size of your buttocks.

Soy Extract

Soy extract can slow down the aging process and help increase estrogen levels. Soy extract can also increase hyaluronic acid to bind and retain water molecules.

Another benefit of natural soy extract is that it helps the skins collagen production making skin toned and firm.

I can see this as having a positive benefit for firming up the buttocks.

Bitter orange extract

I have heard of citrus peel extract (bitter orange) used in weight loss pills.  I would make sense that this would be helpful in a booty enlargement peel, this could possibly help eliminate fatty cellulite deposits in the buttocks.

Bitter Orange


Genistein is an isoflavone that works as an antioxidant and phytoestrogen, it is often used as a natural treatment to increase or restore estrogen levels in women.

I have also seen Genistein in stretch mark creams so it seems it could have a positive effect on reducing stretchmarks on women who suffer from them in the hips or buttocks.

Are there side effects?

Considering that most booty pills are made of all natural ingredients, there do not seem to be any risk of side effects,  this is of course if you do not exceed the recommended dose, otherwise, booty pills seem to be completely safe.

Can booty enlargement pills work?

If we were to expect one single ingredient from the list to work for increasing your buttocks, it would probably be impossible.

Most of the ingredients in the list above are essential for both increased weight and firming up the buttocks.

Many of them improve the elasticity of the skin and help increase collagen production, this could have a positive impact on making your buttocks fuller and firmer.

Do products like Glute Boost Work?

While there are hundreds of customer testimonials that claim that Glute boost does work.

My personal opinion is that it might have a positive impact on increasing the volume in your buttocks.

From looking at the ingredients it will most likely ad some firmness.

I personally believe that the only way for any booty enlargement pills is if you were to combine the booty pills with special exercises that target the glute muscles, otherwise I don’t see how it can be effective.


I personally believe that booty pills can offer women a safe way to safely increase the size of their butt, but my personal take on this is that you should not expect much of an increase from the pills alone.

Like anything pills might work but you will most likely need to add exercises to your daily routine along with a booty firming cream to make the pills more effective.

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