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Breast Creams With Volufiline

Best Breast Creams With Volufiline

There are many breast creams sold but not all of them are effective. One ingredient found in some of the most effective breast creams is a patented ingredient called Volufiline.

If you are looking for a breast cream with Volufiline that delivers results, read on to learn about the best breast creams with Volufiline.

I have always enjoyed improving the look of my body with natural enhancements methods.

I have used many different methods of NBE for several years.

If you do a search for the best breast enhancement creams and pills you will find dozens of different brands.

Many breast creams are sold on Amazon, however, many of these brands have few ingredients that actually help make your breasts bigger.

When looking for a breast cream one ingredient it should contain is something called Volufiline.

What is Volufiline?

This special patented ingredient comes from a  botanical root nemarrhena asphodeloides extract that produces sarsasapogenin, when applied to the breasts it increases volume by stimulating new adipose tissue.

Volufiline also helps increase lipid storage that increases adipocyte volume in fatty tissue.

Volufiline is not only found in breast creams, it is also an ingredient in popular booty enhancement creams.

Breast creams that are most effective are those that contain concentrations of about 5% per volume. Unlike other breast cream ingredients, Volufiline Sarsasapogenin is a phytosterol that does not stimulate hormonal activity.

Now, you are probably asking yourself how effective is Volufiline?

This is one of the only patented ingredients that actually have clinical studies that can prove that Volufiline can increase breast volume by 10% or more.

The study done involved 28 women, each woman applied 5% Volufiline to one breast for 56 days.

The treated breast results have had an increase of 1.4% within 28 days and an increase of 6.4- 8.4% after 56 days.

You can view the full study here.

Below is the image that compares one breast treated with Volufiline vs the untreated breast.

This graph shows results after using Volufiline for 28 and 56 days so at a minimum using Vollure for at least two months women can expect an 8.4% increase in breast size which is considerable.

In order to get the results seen in the carts above it is recommended that a concentrated amount of 5% of Volufiline is needed in order to get the best results. The problem is not all breast creams contain that amount.

Below I will tell you about three breast creams that contain concentrated amounts of Volufiline. I have used all three and will give you my personal experience and thoughts about each one.

Total Curve

Total Curve offers women a complete care system for their breasts, the Total Curve system contains breast enhancement creams and breast pills. The main ingredient in Total Curve is Volufiline, it contains other important ingredients to help make your breasts bigger, firmer, and fuller. In addition Total Curve bundles a dietary supplement that is packed full of plant estrogens to speed up the results.

Total Curve is one of the first breast enhancement systems I had ever used and I can honestly say I was pleased with my results.

Once I began using the cream after just two days I noticed my breast felt tighter and firmer, which proved that it starts working immediately.

The Total Curve breast cream is not as thick as others, its has the consistency of a hand lotion, but in spite of this, it absorbs quickly into the skin.

Taking the included breast pills seemed to help increase my progress. Using both the breast creams and pills together makes a great combination.

Total Curve gel

The Total Curve gel in addition to Volufiline contains aloe vera, vitamin C, barberry extract, algae extract, and mango butter.

Total Curve breast pills

The Total Curve pills are nutrient rich  and contain a variety of plant estrogens to help increase breast volume. Some of the ingredients in the breast pills include fennel seed, dong quai root, blessed thistle, hops, wild yam root, and black cohosh.

Total Curve is packed with everything you need to make your breasts bigger, older women will also love the rejuvenating properties that will help make breast skin smoother and help reduce the signs of aging and saving breasts.

Total Curve Price

You will find that most breast creams are priced between $40.00 – $70.00 a one-month supply of Total Curve breast cream and pills cost $69.00, the more you buy the more you save, a 3 month supply cost $179.95 a 6 month supply cost $299.95.

One of the benefits of buying Total curve is that the company offers a 67-day money-back guarantee, this is more than reasonable, most women will notice results within the first 45-55 days.

Who should consider Total Curve?

If you are someone looking for a safe and natural way to make your breasts bigger, Total Curve is a great product to help you get started/

Total curve is only sold online from the official website at www.totalcurve.com


This is my second pick when it comes to breast creams with volufiline, Vollure has been around for several years and contains a generous amount of Volufiline. This breast cream appeals to a lot of women especially because its easy to use and offers a simple solution for making your breasts bigger.

Vollure contains all-natural ingredients and offers women a paraben-free formula with lots of moisturizing ingredients.

This breast enhancement lotion contains essential extracts from the sarsaparilla root, oil extracts from the macadamia, and nutmeg nut.  These oils help improve the skin texture of your breasts making them look younger and reducing the signs of aging and sagging breasts. Best of all for those looking for bigger breasts you will enjoy the results you will get from this breast cream.

Vollure Breast Cream

Vollure is easy to use all you have to do is apply a few drops to each breast and massage in the morning and evening, you should begin to notice results within just a few days.

For the purpose of making your breasts bigger we recommend using Vollure for at least 8 weeks, otherwise if you can use it as needed for firming and reducing sagging breasts.

Vollure is reasonably priced, one bottle costs $69.95 but a buy two get one free option is available which will save you a considerable amount of money.

Vollure is sold by Bauer nutrition which sells other top-quality products, still skeptical, I invite you to read some of the user reviews. I should also mention that the company offers a 6o day money-back guarantee and free shipping on their products.

I have personally used Vollure over several years, I love the scent and the fact that it absorbs quickly leaving no oily residue.

You will only find Vollure sold  on the official Bauer Nutrition website here www.bauernutrition.com

Tata Tastic

Tata Tastic is a breast enhancement cream is sold by the same company that sells the popular Glute Boost booty enlargement products.

I have used Tata Tastic in the past, one thing about this product line is that are continuously improving their brand. When I first purchased Tata Tastic it included the bust enhancement cream and included a Maca stack supplement.

You can now buy each product individually and they currently offer a complete stack that is similar to the Total Curve bundle however Tata Tastic now includes a breast pill supplement and Maca stack.

The Tata Tastic breast cream contains a whopping dose of Volufiline along with Voluplus which is an oil extract from the nutmeg nut.

If you are looking for breast cream that contains Volufiline Tata Tastic is the third contender on my list of best breast creams with volufiline.

When compared to other breast creams Tata Tastc works well, for some reason I feel that by itself I had better results from Vollure, however when used along with the maca root and breast pill bundles my results were much better and honestly worth the extra money.

If you are on a budget and just want to buy a breast cream Tata Tastic breast cream is the cheaper of the three brands.

one 40z tube of Tata Tastic costs 39.95 the benefit with Gluteboost brands is that you can order each product individually or get the extra bundles. For example, the Tata Tastic girls bundle which includes breast pills and the Maca roo supplement costs 89.95.

Tata Tastic does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee but they do require you to use the products for at least 90 days and they also request that you take pictures every 30 days to document your progress and results which is not required by Total Curve or Vollure.

You can only get the Tata Tastic breast cream from the official Glute boost website www.gluteboost.com

Which breast creams with Volufiline work best?

One of the benefits you have with any of the three products mentioned above is that they all contain Volufiline which has been clinically proven and tested to work. Regardless of the brand, you choose in order to get the best results we recommend using them for at least 60 days in order to notice a significant increase in breast size, most women can expect at least an 8.$ increase in bust size.

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